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Volunteer Fees and Dates for Volunteering with us in Tanzania

Volunteer Fees and Dates for Volunteering with us in Tanzania
1. How much are the Volunteer Fees and what do they include?
The Volunteer Fees for one month per person are $280 USD. This includes pick-up at the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) or from Arusha Airport, program materials and expenses, program transport (such as vehicle repair and gas), salaries for the Cultural Life Tanzania quality staff, and Room and Board. Volunteers receive three meals a day, seven days a week while on the program site. Volunteers are housed in our Cultural Life Tanzania hostel four-person volunteer house located in Cultural Life Tanzania house.

Not included in this fee are airplane tickets, Safari fees, leisure travel, souvenirs, and food/drink outside of the home stay. However, we do have a discount arrangement with a safari company ( you would like to visit Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro and Serengeti National parks).

Duration | Cost $USD
3-weeks - $210usd
4-weeks - $280usd
5-weeks - $350usd
8-weeks - $720usd
basically the price is 70$ per week

4. What is the minimum length of stay required for a volunteer?
Although we do not strictly prohibit shorter stays, we do request that our volunteers are able to offer at least one month of voluntary services. Things in Tanzania happen at a very different pace than in the Western world. It can take some time for a volunteer to settle in, become accustomed to the lifestyle, learn their schedule, and understand their role. If a volunteer stays for only two weeks, most of their time will be spent getting settled in and little time will be left during which they can make a contribution.

We want every volunteer to feel that their time in Tanzania was put to good use and that they had adequate time to make an impact. Travelling around the world to try to "make a difference" is a big commitment and it is important that everyone feel they accomplished this desire.

Occasionally we will allow for a shorter stay than one month, but this is handled on a case by case basis. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult for doctors to take a full month off. Therefore, doctors can come for a three week period. We have volunteer placements available 12- months a year and volunteers are able to choose their exact arrival and departure dates.

5. Is there a maximum stay for volunteers?
Yes. We allow maximum stays of 2 year for a volunteer placement. Cultural Life Tanzania does not have external funding and therefore, the running of the programs depends on the program fees provided by volunteers, as do the salary fees. The extension rates listed above have been established to help those volunteers who wish to stay a bit longer, to ease the financial burden. However, these fees are not necessarily enough to allow the programs to run for long-term stays.

Life in Tanzania is simple and very different from what most of our volunteers have ever experienced. Tanzania is a developing country and most of the people we interact with are living in extreme poverty.

A visiting non-Tanzanian/white can be seen as an opportunity by some. This means that volunteers are likely to be approached by locals in need of food, money, staples, etc. and that many people will see them as a chance to get out of Tanzania or to receive support money for themselves, their families, or their organization.

It can be difficult to make people understand that not every person from the Western world has an unlimited supply of money available to them. Coupled with the differences in culture and the rustic lifestyle.

6. Do I pay my volunteer fees before I arrive in Tanzania?
Yes. Previously, we had volunteers pay their Volunteer Fees and Room & Board upon arrival in Tanzania. However; we have now changed the procedure and require that volunteers wire their money prior to arrival in Tanzania.

Wiring the money is safer for the volunteer because you do not have to carry around a large sum of money as you travel to Tanzania. It will also be cheaper since you won't need to use the ATMs numerous times (and associated fees) and you will get a better exchange rate by wiring the fees. It is also much easier for our staff in Tanzania.

8. Can I do fundraising in order to raise money from donors to pay for my Volunteer Fees and Room & Board? If so, are these tax-deductible donations?
Yes to both. You can do fundraising, collect donations, and have those be credited against the Volunteer Fees you owe. You may be able to get a tax deduction from wiring money to savetz since it is a charitable organization.

However, this is something that you need to look into on your own. We have fundraising marketing material that we send to all confirmed volunteers. Please read more on fundraise your trip

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