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Orphanages Care and Street Children Care and Support
Because our goal is to develop responsible, self-reliant young adults, Cultural Life Tanzania…

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About Volunteers

Are you interested with Volunteering with us in Tanzania ?

Go to our Projects button and choose the project you might be interested to volunteers

see also the link below and look the lists of volunteers projectshttp our featured volunteer projects currently linked below

1.(Youth2 Youth project)

2.(Cultural Life Exchange project) 

3.HIV/AIDS Awareness (

4.Medical Internship (

5.Orphanage Care and Support(://

6.Research Programmes (

7.Tanzania Swahili Study Program (

8.Teaching in Schools project (

9.The Book Project (

10.The Gendaa Village project (

11.The Go Green Project (

12.Missionary Trip Tanzania (

13.The Plastic Recycling Project (

14.The Sports Coaching Project (

15.Veterinary Internship (

16.Women Microenterprise Project (

17.Youth 2 Youth Project (




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