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Youth 2 Youth Project

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Youth 2 Youth

Youth 2 Youth

Youth 2 Youth Project
This is a growing need by countries asking for Cultural Life Tanzania assistance. Volunteers forge strong relationships with students, parents, and other community members. Volunteers engage in a wide variety of outreach projects involving at-risk children or youth, adult literacy, health or HIV/AIDS education, environmental awareness, development of libraries and resource centers, and information technology.
Volunteer responsibilities

Community Development
Volunteers coordinate with othe Cultural Life Tanzania projects by conducting community outreach and needs assessments.

Depending on volunteer interest he/she , you might do the followings:
- Conduct community outreach and needs assessments
- Act as catalysts for change, continually engaged in defining their role in response to their host community
- Focus on community development projects for education, youth development, health and HIV/AIDS, the environment, and business
-Engage in sports activities with youth in Tanzania around Karatu

As a Youth 2 Youth Volunteer, your role will be to work directly with at-risk youth and families, while helping communities, schools, and agencies develop programs to support them. You might work in an orphanage, school, NGO, or local youth center.

Depending on your specific assignment, you might:
- Conduct vocational training and promote activities to build self-esteem, leadership and life skills development
- Act as a health educator while providing HIV/AIDS education and awareness
- Work on community organizing and organizational development projects
- Train youth development workers

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