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The Go Green Project

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The go green project

go green project
The Go Green Project

YOU can make a difference today-- by joining our team of our volunteers. We have a vision of a greener Karatu, but to get there, we rely on volunteers like you to help transform our region into a healthy urban ecosystem, one community at a time.
Volunteering with The go green project is fun and rewarding. It’s also unlike typical volunteer experiences in that we empower YOU with the support, training and tools you need to be an engine of change.

Volunteer responsibilities
We do the tree after the tree that means we the next plant a tree ,in schools,Hospitals,dispensary,in the town and every where needed
As a The go green project Volunteer, your role will be to work with community members, community-based organizations, families, and government extension agents to conserve forest resources, sustain the environment, and point communities toward new means of income generation that are not dependent on the use of protected areas or species. You will work with local communities and leaders, alongside staff from an NGO or government office of forestry or parks and wildlife.

Volunteers help communities conserve natural resources by working on projects such as soil conservation, watershed management and flood control.

Depending on your specific assignment, you might train:
- Soil conservation
- Watershed management and flood control
- Production of sustainable fuels
- Improvement of agroforestry practices such as fruit production
- Building live fences and alley cropping
- Preservation of biodiversity, sometimes near national parks or other reserves

How do I qualify?
There is no qualification needed just basic skills of planting trees you don’t have skills? Cultural Life Tanzania have professional staff who can train you the basic skills in tree planting before you go the field.

Please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to volunteer with The go green project
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