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Tanzania is the among of the Africans country that depends the gross income in agriculture…

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Cultural Life Exchange Project

Cultural Life Exchange Project

Live in a Tanzania Family
Cultural Life Exchange Project
Do you want to live the Tanzania culture with the most Tanzania Cultural tribal?
Well Exchange the culture!
Cultural Life Exchange Project; is basically about exchanging the Culture! as we believe everybody have the culture he/she belong Cultural Life Exchange project will make you live in the Tanzania Family a Volunteer will be living in the Cultural Family and do what they do and experience their Culture (volunteer in the Family)
The most of the Family tribal around Karatu are
(i) Bush men hadzabe
(ii)Maasai tribal
(iii) Iraq Tribal
All the Tribal above are also interested to about Western culture and volunteers are encouraged to respectfully share their culture and ideas Volunteers learn about the their history and traditions of the their people. Volunteers work with the Family in their daily activities, Most of activities in Tanzania Family are
.The head bucket fetching water
.Farming in the Farming season
.Taking care of Livestock like cow,goats,donkey,chicken etc
.Attending in the cultural dances /singing or village events like community market
.Fetch Fire wood
.Village sports
.Grinding ugali flour
.And many more
The Volunteer have to choose the Tribal they want and will contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for the Family availability Placement

There is no specific qualification needed to join the Cultural Exchange project other than basic in the English language(we will teach you some b asic Swahili upon your arrival at our office in Karatu) as well as a desire to Exchange your culture. Projects may vary and can be tailored to fit the mission of the volunteer. However, volunteers are expected to be flexible and patient.

Volunteers will live with a host family and will be provided with local meals three times a day. You will be living in the Maasai village or any Tribal Villageand will become a part of the Maasai village life. Maasai homes are generally very basic mud or metal huts with no running water or electricity. However, despite the basic living arrangements, volunteer workers are well catered for and extremely well looked after by their hosts. You will also get to try traditional Maasai food such as mandazi, ugali, chapatti, mboga and irio.

Volunteers will also have an access to our office in Arusha Tanzania and mobile number of our coordinators. Our staffs also visit volunteers in each 2-4 week interval as a part of the program. Details covering living accommodations provided prior to arrival
Weekend excursions in Tanzania could include national parks, markets, museums, restaurants, nightclubs, tourist villages, mausoleums, art galleries, golf courses, crocodile farms, nature trails, hotels, s shoprite and many more

If your interested with the project program you can contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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