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HIV / AIDS Awareness
One of the most serious Tanzania threats to public health and development is the spread of…

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Who Can Volunteer

Who can volunteer?
Applicants must:
1. be aged 18 or over on the proposed date of arrival in Tanzania;
2. be available for an overseas phase of 4, 7 or 10 weeks ie 1 week of training and either 3, 6 or 9 weeks at the project;
3. be, in the opinion of the Volunteer Africa team, likely to benefit from and contribute to the programme;
4. be able to pass the necessary medical and police check requirements;
5. be able to raise the necessary funding required;
6. be able to communicate effectively in English.

Who can volunteer with us?
Research says 16 million people would volunteer if asked ... So we re asking!

Can you...
- Make a difference to someone's life?
- Use your life experience to help others?
- Gain work experience?
- Make friends, develop personal skills?
- Enhance your CV?

School Students Group
We can tailor a suitable team building educational community development project your students at savetz house. We have a proven track record for delivering worthwhile, safe and inspiring school trips abroad.

From safaris and community building programs in Tanzania or in other countries your students will experience new cultures and challenges that will set them on the road to a bright future. Our team at the Cultural Life Tanzania HQ will work with staff, parents and pupils every step of the way to provide a through pre - departure program from preparation packs, risk assessments, pre - departure meeting and fundraising advice.

Cultural Life Tanzania is proud to have taken different groups to Cultural Life Tanzania in the last year of its first operation.

We ensure that your school, sports team, organization or business will benefit massively by working or one of our community development projects or adventures.

Any group booking of more than 15 people once will mean that one person will go free, call us for more information. The chance to make lifelong friends with locals as well as fellow travelers is one of the highlights.

Career Breaker
Taking a career break is one of the most exciting and rewarding life - enhancing experiences you can have. savetz in Tanzania can give you the chance to see the world, explore new cultures, expand your personal horizons, develop new sills and give something back in Tanzania.

No longer the preserve of traditional gap year students, increasing numbers of people with real work and life experience are taking time out to travel be they in their late twenties or in their seventies.

We take the stress away from you in order to ensure flights, project and adventures can be programmed to accommodate large group of pupils and teaching staff. Any school group with more than 10 students will be required to have a minimum of teaching staff that will be traveling with the school students and will act as group leaders.

You can make a tangible difference to people's lives by giving 'hand on' support in projects that they have asked for and can take ownership of for long term gain and progress. Get out of the office and in to the world!! If you want to join a career breaker only group or organize a project for your term, business or organization just contact us and we will get back to you.

Under savetz parents may bring their children on the education program, and pay no program fee for children 7 - 16 or younger! Children accompany adults on their projects and participate in activities such as teaching games, role - playing and more. Participants are responsible for their child's airfare, travel insurance, in Tanzania; children must be at least 15 or 16 years of age to participate in the program with a parent.

Relationships, Families and Volunteering
Volunteering as a couple is a wonderful thing but it will impact on your relationship in all sorts of ways, some of which you may not predict. You'll be living and may be working together and sharing the associated strains and rewards. It won't necessarily be easier because there are two of you.

Couples and Pairs
Couples or pairs of friends looking for a rewarding service - leaning experience have the option of staying together with the same home stay family, and can either work on the same project or on different project but it depending with their own choices.

If you have further depth guest ions please contact us through .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we will be too happy to help you on all what you want to know more about our programs.
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