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Orphanages Care and Street Children Care and Support

Because our goal is to develop responsible, self-reliant young adults, Cultural Life Tanzania is committed to providing an education for each child we work with. SAVETZ work with Jericho Orphanage home where children are educated through a variety of programs.

Orphanages Care and Street Children Care and Support

Cultural Life Tanzania supports children in local primary and secondary schools. Because of the often prohibitive expense of going to school as well as the many families who need their children to tend farms and livestock, only 54% of Tanzanian children complete primary school. We sponsor the education of children who live at Jericho orphanage home as well as the children who we have reunited with families in the community.

Many children rescued from a life on the streets have missed considerable amounts of time in their education. It isn’t an option to place them in classes with children their own age who have gone to school continuously. Cultural Life Tanzania, Alternative Education Program provides children with a safe place to study and learn.

Below are Orphanage care and street children care and support projects
(a) Jericho Orpahanage Home (
(b) Kifaru youth and Children center
(c) mani Focus Foundation

(a)Jericho Orphanage Home

Volunteer tasks

There are so many ways visitors and volunteers can help here at our orphanage. We try to find out what work fits the volunteers the best, what interests them the most to do but it is not always garenteed to provide the job the volunteer might want to do. Above all we want your time with us to be beneficial, useful and enjoyable!

You will be expected to engage in a wide range of activities. The activities include such as gardening, feeding and caring of our chicken, cows and dogs, general cleaning, washing dishes and of course spending time with the children when they are done from school. All of our children go to school at Bwawani Primary School during the day from 8:00 - 16:00. When the children come home you can:

-help them washing their clothes
-do gardening with them
-help them cleaning
-help them with their homework
-play with them, create games and activites for them
-draw, paint or music, if you have skills in that area

In the beginning you will be given help and direction from the staff.
This would be a typical timetable of your schedule here at Jericho Orphanage:

9:00 Breakfast
10:00 - 13:00 Gardening, caring of our animals, cleaning
13:00 Lunch
13:30 - 15:00 Break
15:00- 20:00 Work around the orphanage, spend time with the children
20:00 Dinner

Volunteer requirements

Volunteers must:

- be of minimal 19 years old
- be able to speak English
- be able to read and write English
- initiative
- responsible
- flexible


Volunteers will be sleeping in the volunteer house on the Jericho Orphanage property.
In the volunteer house is a bed and bathroom with a toilet and sink.
Volunteers will be provided 3 meals a day.

Not included:

Personal transportation
Personal food cost apart from the 3 meals we provide
Drinking water (you can buy water in shops and supermarkets nearby)
Soaps, toilet paper and other toiletries (can be bought in shops and supermarkets nearby)

How do Jericho orphanage Home Help street children

Statement of the Problems
There are six fundamental causes of the problems of having orphans, Street Children, widow, ignorance, bitterness, poverty and diseases etc. in the mainland of the country as in all African Continent.
a) Low level economic strategies
b) The rapidly growth of HIV/AIDS pandemic
c) Alcoholism
d) The decline of the family structure {Negligence from the society}
e) Some of the traditional culture and behavior of the resident
f) The wounds which were inherited from one generation to another caused by Slavery, Colonialism and ethnic – wars.

How do we help

After taking them to our centers basically we do the following:- We take them to the medical check up, feed them, clothe them, and shelter them, we educate them in preliminary and primary level, emotional healing buy using games, funds etc. We try to find sponsors and donors for them and if possible we try to re-uniting them with their relative families, for those families who will request for them.

In some cases this problems have become a burden to the families all over the country and some of these groups have become immigrants to the Towns and cities and therefore creating some disturbances to the Urban dwellers by going around begging money and degrading the environment by scattering rubbish, prostitution which ends with bad disease i.e. HIV/AIDS etc. if we help them the crisis could decrease somehow. No other way to deal with such problems if there is a mercy ministry.

(b)Kifaru Youth and Children Center

Name: Kifaru Youth and Children Centre

Project Code: TZA--04k

Location: Tanzania, Arusha, Karatu

Types: Children

Brief description:
Kifaru Youth and Children Centre is a pre-school for Tanzanian children with Director Kilian Melki Zekaria. The children are currently a total of 42 from ages 3-6 years old. At Kifaru there are 4 staff members, teachers, chef and security guy.

Main mission: To empower children to become productive members of society through education, social skills, love and care.

Volunteer job despription :

At Kifaru volunteers will help the staff care for the children and do such as

.Play with the children
.Teach them basics of the alphabet and numbers
.Colouring and other games.
.Helping the children to learn to read and write, drawing, painting
. music and singing
. General cleaning of the property,
.Help with preparing the food and clean dishes.

Working hours: 8:00 am – 12:00 am Mon - Fri

Short Term: 2 weeks – 12 weeks
Long Term: 4 months – 1 year

Hosting Situation The accommodation is at host family, private or shared rooms with other volunteers and bathroom. Meals are provided 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Volunteers
can walk or ride a bike to the project.

(c)Imani Focus Foundation

Project Name: Imani Focus Foundation

Project Code: TZA--

Location: Tanzania, Arusha, Karatu

Types: Women, Education, Children

Brief description:
Imani Focus Foundation, run by Mr Jeremiah and his wife Mary Jeremiah help Care, support and empower girls of Tanzania to achieve their future dreams. At Imani are a total of 25 children from ages 5 – 20 years old, all girls. 10 of them go to primary school in the town area in the morning and come after school to stay, while 15 of them stay at Imani working on their sowing and tailoring potential.

Main mission: Care, support and empowering vulnerable groups of Tanzania!

Volunteer job despription :
At Imani volunteers will help the staff maintain Imani focus.

(i)In the morning volunteers can help gardening, care the chicken
(ii) Help and support the girls with their sowing practice.
(iii) After lunch volunteers can teach and play with the children when they are done at school.
(iv)General cleaning of the property, helping with the cooking and washing.

Working hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Mon - Fri

Short Term: 2 weeks – 12 weeks
Long Term: 4 months – 1 year

Hosting Situation The accommodation is at host family, private or shared rooms with other volunteers and bathroom. Meals are provided 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Volunteers
can walk or ride a bike to the project.

What you can bring with? Volunteers can bring sowing supplies, arts and craft supplies.Volunteers can also bring computers, calculators, clothes and shoes, balls, stationaries and books.

Available dates: Through out the year

Requirements: 18 years and older. Volunteers must be initiative, flexible and adaptable to new culture. Volunteers must be able to read English

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