Veterinary Internship

Tanzania is the among of the Africans country that depends the gross income in agriculture reentry Tanzania have introduced a green label of agriculture program known as "KILIMO KWANZA" a Swahili word that means agriculture first’ that agriculture is the back born of Tanzania gross economy. Tanzania also have high number of population of livestock to a high percentage of Tanzania gross economy origin.

Vetenary Internship

Veterinary Internship
Are you the Vetenarinary? Or Interested with Animals?

Cultural Life Tanzania provide what you need

Depending on volunteer/Internship interest he/she might do the following;
- Promote vaccination against common diseases
- Teach young farmers better production techniques
- Improve marketing techniques for products like meat, wool, and eggs
- Develop land-use plans for pastoral farmers train veterinary institute about animal husbandry
-Participate in helping street dogs like fracture treatements etc

Competitive applicants have at least 18 months of full-time experience with dairy or beef cattle, pigs, sheep, or chickens and some experience in large-scale forage production or vegetable gardening. Many applicants are recent college graduates who have worked on their family farms. Other relevant experience that is helpful includes demonstrated interest in veterinary medicine and animal health, general knowledge of agriculture, gardening experience, and basic business management.

Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to volunteer with Veterenary Internship project

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