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One of the most serious Tanzania threats to public health and development is the spread of…

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Cultural Life Tanzania Staff


Kabalo&Lara buying goats at Karatu Market a gift for the Orphanage
Cultural Life Tanzania an international volunteer works in Tanzania.have different programs coordinator around the country.who works with different indigenous local rural people, then destination placement coordinator. is the main liaison between these local projects and us and will be your contact person in the placement destination.

They will also arrange your airport pickup, orientation, accommodation and project placement within the destination and will see to it that you are well settled in your project. They will help answer questions you may have during your stay abroad.

Cultural Life Tanzania also employs different local people within the Cultural Life Tanzania HOUSE MAIN OFFICE TANZANIA. to work with our volunteers' teams in most of the places we visit and work with different communities and institutes. Usually these are people who live in the rural and urban area around Tanzania community in which the team is staying. These individuals normally have a personal connection to the community, the local host families, and the projects on which we are working. Their intimate understanding of the community and its people allows them to provide invaluable cultural insight and guidance for our volunteers.

Cultural Life Tanzania staff program site includes, Executive Directors, Program Director, Program Officers, drivers, and guards.

Kabalo and Lara: are the executive and operation director
Kabalo and Lara who are the executive directors and a founder of Cultural Life Tanzania. Began creating the program in the End of September 2008 and finally he developed this amazing project in the end of 2009 with the big corporation with other Cultural Life Tanzania staff. thet have also an Orphanage in Tanzania Arusha Karatu called just near the Cultural Life Tanzania office.

They are very corporative to other local &International NGO volunteer NGO's within destination Africa. and is always available to speak and have different useful discussion about how to get solutions for Africa to reduce poverty .and share life experience with the entire community that we works with, and is always in continuous communication with team leaders for all programs while they are out on the road.

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