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Cultural Life Tanzania- is 'non for profit organization whose founder is Kabalo and Lara is run by a team of volunteers spread around Tanzania.

Cultural Life Tanzania has been established to give people the opportunity to work on community initiated projects in Tanzania project who need of Volunteers.

Cultural Life Tanzania is focusing on Orphanage care Programme ,health project and research, safari, adventure and holiday tours, HIV/AIDS awareness, street children help project, environment conservation efforts, building Maasai and Sukuma culture, study Swahili abroad, Teaching English and Education Aid, Agriculture & Livestock effort, Disabled People & Albino help project, Women Development and Micro Enterprises.

Cultural Life Tanzania is currently operating the Jericho orphanage home. The orphanage center is a charity operating with Cultural Life Tanzania we provide Aid on Orphans with love and care after their parents have died of HIV/AIDS, accidents, or died in birth, This is done through providing children with basic education, shelter and medication, as well as food and clothing. Opening one’s eyes to the realities of the world is a valuable learning experience as well as being extremely character building.

You can help by offering care, attention and affection as well as providing English lessons, playing games and helping with meal preparation. Volunteering in Cultural Life Tanzania will help to change the future of young in Tanzania
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